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Serving With Compassion

Where Care Comes First

Your loved ones deserve to have all the comforts of home, and that’s exactly what Sylcom AngelsCare LLC offers: in-home care. Whether you are looking for CNA services and nonmedical assistance or you need someone to help with meal preparation and light housekeeping, you can count on us.

We are a licensed, insured, and bonded in-home care provider in Branford, Connecticut, serving clients in and around Fairfield County. Our in-home caretakers are extremely caring, compassionate, understanding, skilled, and experienced in providing unyielding services. We carefully screen our staff with extensive background checks including motor vehicle records history, social security validation, and diligent reference checks.

Have peace of mind knowing your family members are in good and capable hands. Call us today to request a free quote or estimate or to learn more about what we do.

Mission Statement

At Sylcom AngelsCare LLC, our focal point is to offer the highest quality care. We will make certain that all patients under our care experience the best quality of life service no matter their circumstances.

How It All Began

The story of our company began seven years ago when our owner/operator, Ora Matthew, saw how hard her mother was caring for her husband who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Ora became a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in 1995, following the advice of her aunty Pauline.

In March 2011, Ora decided to give up her job, put her furniture in storage, and head home because her parents needed her. As a CNA, she knew that she could be of a major help to them.

During that time, Ora was awakened as to how much help other families needed for the elderly and disabled. After the passing of her Dad, she did not return to her administrative field. Instead, she sought work as a CNA and had worked at various health care sites such as assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and private residences.

As she began to see how much her assistance was appreciated and how she completely felt whole, Ora knew that this is what she had to do. With every case she has handled, her skill grew and so did her enthusiasm to offer the top class care to the patients of whom were in her care.

Having more than two decades of experience in the homecare industry, she knew what it takes to provide the quality care that elderly clients need. She decided to establish her own business and started Sylcom AngelsCare LLC in 2017.

What They Say About Us

Read our clients’ testimonials to get an idea of what you can expect from Sylcom AngelsCare LLC. You may also share your experience with us by filling out the testimonials form on this page.

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Ora Matthew first came to our family’s aid to assist with the care of my Grandmother, Dorothy, who was in the advanced stages of Parkinson’s. I still remember the first day we met Ora. She gave off a kind, caring, knowledgeable impression and remained that way each day no matter how tough the situation became. Ora set Dorothy at ease from the moment they met, and possibly more difficult, won over my Grandfather Paul shortly after. Paul was dealing with the harsh reality of letting go of the woman he fell in love with 68 years earlier. Ora was patient and always gave Paul kind words when emotions where running high.

Ora was involved in every aspect of Dorothy’s days and nights. She immediately restored order to a situation that the family was losing their grasp of. Ora showed compassion every day and frequently put her own needs behind the needs of the two most special people in my life.

When Dorothy went to heaven, Ora graciously stayed on to care for Paul until the day when he himself needed to move on. Ora remains one of the most pleasant memories in a very difficult and emotional time. I carry my grandparents with me everyday and when I see Ora in church or town I am reminded not only of them but of the selfless love she showed them making their last years with us more comfortable. I am forever thankful to Ora and the service she provided but also to God for sending Ora to us in His time and plan. In one word, Ora is a gift.

Jaclyn Paulsen

Honestly I truly do not possess adequate words to express how I feel about this agency. They are so compassionate and professional. My sister received the highest care possible which took a huge burden off my family’s shoulders. They were attentive not only to her needs, but to our concerns as well.

The aide who worked with my sister was prompt and extremely loving. As my sister was non-communicative, it was very important that we had an aide who was patient and anticipated her needs – and that we got. My sister was also bedridden and the aides always made her comfortable. Her illness came upon us very suddenly making the situation very overwhelming and stressful but this agency and their staff made it much easier. The owner and her entire team were truly a blessing, and I thank them for the care and attention my sister received during her time of need. My experience with this agency was a lifesaver.

The Family Alexander

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